Antigua Cerveza :: El Bosque

Antigua Cerveza :: El Bosque Avenida el Desengaño #2 Antigua Guatemala, 03001

Discover El Bosque de Antigua Cerveza, where craft beer meets a lush forest and coffee farm near Antigua’s city center. They don’t serve food, but there are places like Chermol and La Cosecha on the property that do serve food.

“We came recommended by a colleague. Undoubtedly, an interesting place due to its pleasant spaces that generate different atmospheres. You can enjoy a wide variety of craft beers and they have food. Quiet and very pleasant place both day and night. We were pleasantly surprised by a live music concert. I don’t have an opinion on the food because we only had beers. They had told us that the food is very good and rich. Due to the smell and appearance of the food we will eat and drink again for sure. I recommend!!” -Kati Guerra

“Thursday was ladies night. This place was incredible. From the moment you walk in the gardens are amazing. Once you walk to the back you’ll find the brewery and a couple of restaurants and a full cocktail bar.” -C Recks

Antigua Cerveza El Bosque Outdoor Seating Area
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Wed-Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun 10am – 9pm
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Monday & Tuesday
Open Air Seating, Garden Seating
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