Volcán de Fuego

Volcán de Fuego, Spanish for Volcano of Fire, is one of Guatemala’s most active Volcanoes, erupting at a low level every 15 to 20 minutes. Located approximately 16 kilometers west of Antigua, climbing to the top of Acatenango to catch a spectacular view of an active volcano is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Guest Reviews:

“One of the best volcanoes with incredible views, fixed to go up with a guide, with a regular rhythm you go up in about 6-8 hours, when you arrive you can get local guides who will take you up, or look for a company that organizes the tour.” -Daniel Arriola

Volcanoes in Antigua Guatemala
Entrance Fee:
(Q150-200) Usually included when booking with a travel agency
Opening Hours:
Always Open
Days Closed:
Always Open
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To hike Acatenango in Antigua safely, contact local tour operators for assistance, especially for camping and night experiences. They’ll ensure proper gear for cooler temperatures and guide you through the strenuous climb. Good hiking boots, warm clothing, rain gear, and poles are recommended. Hiring a porter for the uphill walk is advised, supporting the community and making the hike more enjoyable. Remember, it’s not a race; go at your pace to reach the breathtaking summit.

Please note that many of the entrance fees for landmarks, parks, and museums are subsidized by the government for Guatemalan citizens. You may notice a price difference for foreigners.