Tanque la Union

Tanque la Unión is a historic landmark located in Antigua, Guatemala. This impressive structure has played a significant role in the community’s development, serving as a vital water source for centuries and standing as a shining example of the ingenuity of the colonial era.

Guest Reviews:

One of my favorite spots in Antigua. Little square where local Mayan ladies wash their clothes in the carved out laundry tubs. Families and friends gather on benches and on the grass to rest and relax. In front of the Santa Clara ruins. Very picturesque!” -Stefan U

Good place to take a nice rest and enjoy a zip of coffee, while you admire one of the most iconic the landmarks of Antigua.” -Axel Barrientos

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Constructed in the 18th century during Antigua Guatemala’s prime as the Kingdom’s capital, Tanque la Unión was commissioned by Spanish authorities to address water needs. Skillfully designed, the cistern collected rain and spring water, sustaining the city during dry spells. Built with volcanic stone, the underground reservoir showcases remarkable craftsmanship and architectural artistry of the colonial era, reflecting Spanish-indigenous design fusion. Despite natural disasters, Tanque la Unión endures as a symbol of resilience and heritage preservation. A visit offers a glimpse into history and the city’s reliance on water management. The serene park surroundings provide a tranquil escape in bustling Antigua.

Please note that many of the entrance fees for landmarks, parks, and museums are subsidized by the government for Guatemalan citizens. You may notice a price difference for foreigners.