Iglesia San Francisco el Grande & Museo del Hermano Pedro

Iglesia San Francisco el Grande, also known as the Church of San Francisco, has a storied history that dates back to the 16th century. Built by the Franciscan Order, the church originally served as a place of worship for the Spanish colonizers. Over the years, it has withstood numerous earthquakes and restorations, testifying to the resilience of Antigua’s architectural treasures.

Guest Reviews:

An impressive church, from the façade you can see how monumental it is. Inside there are beautiful altarpieces with religious images, in addition to a chapel there are the remains of Santo Hermano Pedro and the venerated image of Jesus the Nazarene which is processioned during Holy Week on Holy Thursdays. It has a complex of ruins where the convent was, it has bathrooms, souvenir shops, typical sweet shops, and parking.” -Jorge Santizo

The museum that is right next door is highly recommended as it is well signposted and very well maintained. You can even tour it listening to an audio guide available for free (just by scanning the Qr that is at the beginning of the tour) the price is very affordable and in the central square of the church, there are some craft stalls where you can buy souvenirs for prices that are not so high compared to other areas of Antigua.” -Massiel Nineth

Iglesia de San Francisco Front Facade
Entrance Fee:
Foreigners 40Q / Nationals 5Q – Children 2Q
Opening Hours:
Daily 8am – 7pm (Church)
Sat 9am – 4pm (Museum)
Days Closed:
Sunday (Museum)
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Step into the church and be entranced by its grand Baroque facade, ornate altars, and detailed architecture. The interior boasts exquisite artwork, showcasing the devotion of contributing artists. Next to the church is the Museo del Hermano Pedro, dedicated to Saint Pedro de San José Betancur, a notable figure in Guatemalan religious history. The museum displays artifacts and personal items, highlighting his philanthropic work. Both locations hold cultural and religious significance, with the church remaining active in worship and events. Exploring these sites offers a glimpse into Antigua’s past, connecting with its traditions and spirituality. Witness the fusion of art, faith, and community that define the city.

San Francisco el Grande Church’s exterior is free to visit, while a small fee grants access to the Museum of Hermano Pedro inside the complex. The church is open daily from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, offering a captivating historical and cultural experience in Antigua Guatemala.

Please note that many of the entrance fees for landmarks, parks, and museums are subsidized by the government for Guatemalan citizens. You may notice a price difference for foreigners.