Iglesia San José El Viejo

La Iglesia San José El Viejo, a historic church in Antigua Guatemala, carries a fascinating tale that spans several centuries. Its construction commenced around 1742 with the primary purpose of housing a carved image of Saint Joseph, crafted by the renowned sculptor Alonso de la Paz. However, due to waiting until after construction had already begun to ask for permission to build, the Crown decreed the building to be torn down. The carving was then temporarily moved to a different location while the fate of San José El Viejo would be determined.

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“This is a beautiful little ruin in Antigua Guatemala, ideal for hosting a fantastic event like a wedding. It is located in the Casco of the city of Antigua, The ruin is simply beautiful” -Alpha and Omega Rentals and Banquets

The place is a church that, as time went by and as a result of natural disasters, was partially destroyed. However, today the place lends itself with its charm to the celebration of various events, but the mix of architecture and The modern decoration makes it a dream place for attendees and hosts.” -Francisco Santos

Iglesia San José El Viejo
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In 1751, during the pause on construction, an earthquake caused considerable damage to the partially built church. Then in 1759, another effort was made to continue the work, which was successful, and La Iglesia San José El Viejo was completed two years later and the carving was returned.

The structure was recognized as a National Monument in 1944 due to its cultural significance. It has also become a popular wedding venue, blending history and romance amid its remnants.

Please note that many of the entrance fees for landmarks, parks, and museums are subsidized by the government for Guatemalan citizens. You may notice a price difference for foreigners.