Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen

La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the ruins of a magnificent church in Antigua Guatemala, boasts a rich history that spans several centuries. Its construction dates back to 1638 when the city council of Santiago de los Caballeros granted permission for its establishment. The church derives its name, Iglesia del Carmen, from the Carmelite nuns who sought refuge there after being displaced by the earthquakes of 1773.

Guest Reviews:

In its moment of greatest splendor, it was surely one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Antigua Guatemala, its baroque style is impressive!!” -Hector Escobar

“Incredible architecture that is worth admiring.” -Salvador Rodriguez

A very beautiful church in old Guatemala, apparently they have been rebuilding it little by little. On one side of the church, there is a craft market.” -Daniel Ayala

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Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de El Carmen
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In 1651, a devastating earthquake severely damaged the original church and a new and larger church was built in its place in 1686. However, in 1717, another earthquake struck, causing its destruction once again. A third church was built in 1728 and it became one of the most prestigious churches in the region due to its elaborate internal and external beauty, as well as its cultural events.

Sadly, the church and convent would sustain irreparable damage in subsequent earthquakes; the first in 1773, which claimed the dome, vaults, and bell tower, and the second in 1976, which claimed the effigy of Our Lady of Carmen. Work has continued throughout the decades to stabilize the remnants of the church, even up until today. And despite these many challenges, the church’s exterior, adorned with decorative columns, has stood strong.

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