Medical & Emergencies

An Overview of Medical Services in Antigua

Whenever you are planning your next vacation destination, it is important to have an understanding of the medical facilities and services available should you or a loved one become sick or have an accident. A full range of medical care is available in Guatemala City, but medical care outside the city is limited. Care in private hospitals is generally adequate for most common illnesses and injuries, and many of the medical professionals who work there are trained and board-certified in the United States.

Emergency Services in Antigua


Address: Carretera a Cuidad Vieja, Casa No.80, Zona 0, Antigua Guatemala

Phone: +502 3826-8176

El Hospital Hermano Pedro 

Address: 6a Calle Oriente No.20, Antigua Guatemala, C.A.

Phone: +502 7931 2100

Open 24/7 for emergencies

Centro Médico Santiago Apóstol 

Address: Calle del Manchén No. 7, Antigua Guatemala

Phone: +502 7832 0884


Emergency Numbers

Save these numbers in your phone in case of an emergency during your trip to Antigua.

110 – Police

122 – Ambulance/ Firefighters (Bomberos Voluntarios)

+502 7832-7127 – Local number for Antigua’s police department ( policia urban municipal)

Clinics and Specialists

Looking for a specialist or clinic? Our comprehensive list below provides you with many options both in Antigua and in Guatemala City. For a full searchable list of health and wellness providers in Antigua (CLICK HERE)


Clinica Cuidad Vieja

Laboratory and clinic located in Ciudad Vieja, outside the center of Antigua. 

Address: Calzada Santa Lucía Norte #35 3001 Antigua, Guatemala

Phone: +502 7832 0714


Address: Carretera a Cuidad Vieja, Casa No.80, Zona 0, Antigua Guatemala

Phone: +502 3826-8176

Clínicas de Especialidades Médicas “El Pimental”

Address: Calle Ancha de los Herreros Casa #17 3001 Antigua, Guatemala 

Phone: +502 7831-1756

Women’s Health
Non-profit women’s health clinic in Antigua Guatemala that provides services for everyone, many of which are free of charge.
Address: 9a Calle Poniente No. 17, Residenciales El Rosario No.3, Antigua, Guatemala
Phone: +502 7832-5130
Provides sexual and reproductive health services to women and communities in Guatemala.  
Address: 4ta Calle, 3-47, z.6, Cuidad Vieja, Guatemala
Phone: +502 7725-5015
Private clinic in Panorama that offers a number of gynecological services. Also offers dermatological services.
Address: Lot 5b San Pedro the Road to Ciudad Vieja, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
Phone +502 7934-6494
WhatsApp: +502 4222-2045
Address: Casa ab, Calle Ricardo Arjona, Jocatenango, Sacatepéquez Guatemala
Phone: +502 7831-1414
Highly rated dermatologists in Guatemala City. 
Address:  Sector Deportivo, Lote 444 Colonia Santa Luisa, Mun. de Chinautla, Guatemala
Phone: +502 2208-9494
Address: Ave El Desengaño No. 33 03001 Antigua, Guatemala
Phone: +502 7882-4281
WhatsApp: +502 5620-4370 

COVID Testing

Many travelers when coming to Antigua wonder if Covid testing is available and reliable in Antigua. The answers are yes and yes! We have provided several options of where you can have a Covid test done in Antigua.

  1. Blue Medical at the Camino Real Hotel – 150Q
  2. Centro de Salud – free (Antigua, Cuidad Vieja, San Lucas)
  3. Vitalmed GT
  4. La Aurora Airport 220Q card, 200Q Cash