CA Travelers Coffee & Gastronomic Bike Tour

CA Travelers

CA Travelers 2a Calle Poniente #25 Antigua, Guatemala 03001

Embark on the CA Travelers Coffee & Gastronomic Bike Tour, cycling through coffee plantations, learning about Guatemalan coffee, and sampling its varieties. Explore the vibrant Village of San Felipe de Jesus, indulge in traditional Guatemalan gastronomy, and savor Antigua’s crafted beers for a captivating blend of culture, taste, and adventure

What's Included:
  • Bike
  • Bike seat cushion cover
  • Safety equipment (helmet, security vest)
  • Water
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Candy tasting
  • Traditional Guatemalan appetizer
  • Craft beer
  • Mug
  • Entrance fee
  • Rucksack (bag)
What to Expect:

Explore scenic bike trails through coffee plantations and shade trees.

Visit the coffee museum to learn about Guatemalan coffee and sample different varieties and blends.

Experience the vibrant handicrafts market in the Village of San Felipe de Jesus.

Learn about traditional Guatemalan craft activities in wood, clay, and candy-making.

Make a quick stop to taste fermented drinks such as “Fresco de Suchiles” and Guatemala Kombucha.

Indulge in the flavors of Antigua’s finest-crafted beers at the Antigua Brewing Company.

Gain knowledge about the history of Guatemalan coffee and the coffee production process.

Cycle through an organic coffee farm and witness the coffee “deal” from bean picking to cup tasting.

Discover the art of traditional Guatemalan gastronomy and experience centuries-old culinary recipes.

Enjoy a variety of included items such as a bike, bike seat cushion cover, safety equipment, water, bilingual tour guide, candy tasting, traditional Guatemalan appetizer, crafted beer, mug, entrance fee, and rock sack (bag).

Additional Information:

To ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend bringing the following items:

  1. ID: Please bring a valid form of identification for verification purposes.
  2. Sport wearing: Dress comfortably in suitable sportswear for your chosen activity.
  3. Sports shoes: Wear appropriate sports shoes that provide comfort and support for your feet.

By having these items with you, you’ll be well-prepared and ready to make the most of your experience.

Cost per person:
Q200.00 per person
Age / Max Group:
All ages, no limit specified
4-5 hours
Start Time(s):
Daily 8:30 am
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
Opening Hours:
Daily 8am – 7pm
Days Closed: