Antigua Villages ATV Tour

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Simoon Rentals & Tours 6a Avenida Norte 60B, Antigua Guatemala

Experience the beauty and adventure of Antigua with Simoon Tours’ diverse range of tours, showcasing the rich cultural heritage, natural landscapes, and exciting activities available in the area.

What's Included:
  • Transportation: The tour provides transportation from the office to various destinations and back to Antigua.
  • ATV or 4×4 Vehicle: Participants have access to an ATV or a 4×4 vehicle for transportation during the tour.
  • Bilingual Guide: A knowledgeable bilingual guide accompanies the tour, providing information and assistance throughout the journey.
  • Entrance Fees: The tour price includes entrance fees to attractions such as the textile museum, the first cathedral in Central America, and Chocolateria Antigua.
  • Local Food and Drinks: The tour includes a lunch stop at Restaurante El Tambor, a local restaurant located on the side of El Hato Mountain, where participants can enjoy delicious traditional Guatemalan dishes and drinks.
  • Return to Antigua: The tour concludes with a return to the office in Antigua after lunch.
What to Expect:

Cultural Immersion: Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting a traditional textile museum and market, exploring Ciudad Vieja, and learning about jade and chocolate production.

Scenic Drives: Participants will experience scenic drives through the Panchoy Valley, enjoying views of the Agua Volcano and the picturesque landscapes.

Textile Shopping: In San Antonio Aguas Calientes, participants can browse and purchase a variety of local gifts, clothing, and textiles at the market, supporting local artisans.

Historical Exploration: Participants can visit the first cathedral built in Central America in Ciudad Vieja and learn about the history and significance of the former capital city.

Jade Jewelry Experience: At the jade factory, participants can witness the craftsmanship behind turning raw jade rocks into exquisite jewelry, and have the opportunity to purchase jade products.

Chocolate Tasting: At Chocolateria Antigua, participants can taste cacao beans and hot chocolate, learn about the chocolate-making process, and appreciate the flavors of local chocolate.

Nispero Bread and Wine: In San Juan del Obispo, participants can try the famous Nispero bread and nispero wine, made from the local fruit that grows around the Agua Volcano.

Scenic Views from El Cerro de la Cruz: At El Cerro de la Cruz, participants can enjoy a panoramic view of Antigua, admire the colonial Spanish-style architecture, and capture memorable photographs.

Local Gastronomy: Participants can indulge in traditional Guatemalan dishes at Restaurante El Tambor, savoring the flavors while enjoying a beautiful view of the valley.

Adventure and Fun: Riding an ATV or a 4×4


Additional Information:
Cost per person:
Q.475.00 per driver & Q.300.00 per passenger
Age / Max Group:
Children & adults, no limit specified
6 hours
Start Time(s):
9am (Paperwork, payments, delivery of vehicle)
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
Opening Hours:
Daily 8am – 7pm
Days Closed: