Guatelaria 5 avenida norte número 33A La Antigua Guatemala, 03001

Discover this fabulous establishment conveniently located on the main street near the iconic arch. Indulge in authentic and delicious Guatemalan treats at the dessert shop situated at the front. Step inside to find a charming coffee shop, leading to a spacious restaurant with a rooftop deck offering breathtaking views.

The desserts alone make it a must-visit destination in Antigua, showcasing incredible flavors that shouldn’t be missed. The overall experience is unforgettable, offering some of the best food you’ll find in Guatemala.

The patio creates a perfect setting for a leisurely lunch and drinks, complemented by friendly and welcoming servers. Make sure to try the mouthwatering pollo asado para dos, a highlight of the menu. The service is excellent, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Guest Reviews:

Fabulous place right on the main Street near the arch. The front there is a dessert shop with authentic delicious Guatemalan treats. As you walk in you will find a quaint coffee shop and then in the back is the large restaurant that features a great view from the rooftop deck. The desserts were incredible and this is a must stop if you’re in Antigua. Our meals were good but the meat was a bit tough. Overall this is a place not to miss.” -Scott Stephens

Service was excellent. I got the Guatemalan sampler which included three dishes of meat in sauce as well as a tamale-type filled maiz dumpling, and a glass of red wine. The turkey dish in the Guatemalan sampler had excellent flavor. The chicken dish included was okay, but the broth was more flavorful than the chicken itself. The third dish had an unpleasant metallic flavor. Very nice ambiance and staff were attentive.” -Julliette Lucas

Open For
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 5pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
Most Popular Dish(es)
Steak, Kak Ik and Pepian
Price Range
Payments Accepted
Cash, Credit Cards, US Dollars
Indoor seating, Courtyard Seating, Open Air Seating
Wifi Available
Good for Groups
Special Diets Available
Max Capacity
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