Volcan San Pedro Trailhead

Volcán San Pedro Trailhead

Volcán San Pedro Trailhead 14, San Pedro La Laguna

Embark on a challenging hike near Atitlan for a day of exercise. Expect a 3-hour ascent, 1.5-hour descent, and stunning summit views.

Guest Reviews

“Great hike if you’re looking for a challenging day of exercise in the Atitlan area. Others said it takes 2 hours to get up and 1 hour to get down but this seems unrealistic. Was in decent shape with my group and it took closer to 3 hours to get up and 1.5 hours down. I’d allow yourself 5-6 hours for the hike and expect your legs to be completely exhausted by the end. Absolutely stunning view at the top and as you get closer to the summit the forest becomes more rich.” -Duncan Beggs

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