Konojel San Marcos

Restaurante Konojel

Konojel Restaurant PPFR+H84, San Marcos La Laguna

Enjoy daily specials of typical Guatemalan food and delicious pupusas. The Konojel Restaurant, which has been highly rated in travel guides, offers employment and job training for women. This sustainable social enterprise provides funding for the Konojel programs and, in recent years, has provided more than 25% of its operating budget by offering freshly-prepared, delicious meals and excellent service.

Guest Reviews

We ate here every day while in San Marcos, not only because it is seemingly the only Guatemalan food around, but because the women preparing the meals and caring for the space are doing so with so much attention, skill, and love. It was an honor to be welcomed into their space and receive nourishment for both my body and soul.” -Samantha Scrivens

Nice little restaurant with typical Guatemalan food. There is a different main course on offer every day. The food was delicious, the service was very friendly and the prices were reasonable.” -Oliver Schiller

Opening Hours
8am – 8pm Daily
Days Closed
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