Mirador Rey Tepepul

Mirador Rey Tepepul

Mirador Rey Tepepul HQX9+4Q Santiago Atitlán

A mere 20 minute drive from the town of Santiago, along a well-maintained road, you will discover the Rey Tepepul Nature Reserve showcasing an array of captivating bird species, especially the beautiful Quetzal. Nestled within a subtropic forest, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts can see 3 volcanoes, San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlan, while exploring trails and waterfalls. We recommend hiring an experienced guide if seeing a quetzal is what you desire. Atitlán Expeditions.

Guest Reviews

The place was clean and there were park agents guarding the area for tourists and providing information to travelers. I asked if it was for the dates (Christmas holidays) that the agents were in the place and they informed me that they are always around.” -Pamela Pacheco

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