El Artesano Queso y Vino San Juan

El Artesano Queso y Vino

El Artesano Queso y Vino MPW6+RQ9, San Juan La Laguna

Step into a slice of Italy nestled in Guatemala. The owner, Chuss, passionately introduces artisanal locally made cured meats and cheeses. Spectacular and uniquely Guatemalan, all the cheese and meat are sourced directly from the country, paired with the most delicious wines, offering a unique and romantic experience. They also serve pizza at night.

Guest Reviews

Just amazing! Fantastic locally sourced cheese and cured meats, beautifully complimented with wine. Great service, the owner/chef has wonderful attention to detail and very friendly. Peaceful location, could have stayed for the entire day. Highly recommend.” -Stephen Chalton

This place is spectacular! It was recommended by a friend and I was a bit skeptical going to get Italian in Guatemala. However, this place is uniquely Guatemalan as the cheese and meat are all sourced directly from the country. You won’t find food like this anywhere else in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.” -Brett Coffman


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Opening Hours
12pm – 3pm Daily
Days Closed
Saturday and Sunday
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