Cafe Panorama

Café Panorama

Café Panorama MPPC+PWC, San Pedro La Laguna

Café Panorama San Pedro, located near the Municipal Stadium, offers spectacular views of Lake Atitlán. While there is a considerable uphill walk to reach the café, it’s well worth it for the breathtaking views. The café’s menu includes items like mini pizzas, sandwiches, croissants, crepes, cheesecakes, and cinnamon rolls.

Guest Reviews
“Amazing view and coffee (in my opinion skip the other viewpoints in the street where you even have to pay for🙄) this place has one of the best cappuccinos in San Pedro and very friendly people. They even have almond milk. Loved this place!” -Michelle P
Opening Hours
Tues-Sun 8am – 6pm
Days Closed
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