Cafe Dorado Santiago

Café Dorado Atitlán

Café Dorado Atitlán JQR9+9QG, Santiago Atitlán

The menu boasts a selection of delicious burgers, cakes, crepes, and other snacks, as well as an array of enticing drinks, such as a cold chocolate milk with mint. This place exudes warmth and charm, as the owners run it with exceptional care and attention. Enjoy the rich flavors of local coffee and the genuine hospitality at this charming café.

Guest Reviews

“This place is a very pleasant place, established by local people, who serve with great care and attention, they have a small but cozy place, it has some armchairs overlooking the street, it is located on the main street of Santigo Atitlan right on where the craft market is located.” – Hector P

Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 10pm
Days Closed
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